Friend in need - Support for migrants

This initiative started during the "first wave" of refugees in spring 2015 when ADAE Serbia volunteers showed their solidarity and joined local actions in Serbia (Belgrade, Presevo and Subotica). Most of the work was related to humanitarian aid and providing basic assitance at the Presevo (border crossing from Macedonia) temporary camps and then at camps at parks in Belgrade and subotica (border crossing to Hungary). In the beggining there was no state respond and organise work and it was crutial to assist and be "helping hand".

Since then, gradually, Serbian state with international organisations created refugee centres and organised first aid support but not more than couple of thousands can find bed in these centres and many spend the night on the fields, woods and parks. Fences with barbwire are being built every day and discussions in EU are going in the direction that there might be a stop to the western Balkans transit. Agreement with Turkey slowed down the flow but there were still hunders of migrants going everyday through Serbia.

Young people in Serbia are not aware of this situation is actually and media is not helping by spreading reports that inspires fear and confusion. Skills and knowledge of those working to help refugees are limited as well as steady work in securing volunteers. There was a need for and intervention and social action that will make a change and give way for solidarity and understanding to replace current fear, distancing and lack of know-how of those who want to help.

And this is how this project was born - FRIEND IN NEED!

In spring 2016, with support of Council of Europe European Youth Foundation, ADAE Serbia started local project implementation and over next months organised training for young volunteers, build a network for activists to join NGO initiatives, created web platform for sharing of information and bringing new activists and designed collection of support to refugees information that is being shared on line.

Campaign is still running, and in follow up to supported project activists are preparing a manual for action!

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NOTE: This campaign is designed in serbian langauge and only part of the content is in english!

with support of Council of Europe European Youth Foundation